Monday, June 23, 2008


I create Dallas executive portraits, aka executive photos for publicity photos, and publicity portraits in Dallas. My specialty is making digital business photos, and business portraits, as the specialty of my portrait photography services in Texas.

I am one of the few portrait photographers in Dallas and Houston with a terminal master's degree in photography. I do business portraits as contrasted with family portraits in Houston Texas. However, I have an affinity for child portraits in Texas.

Paul Chaplo, M.F.A., photographic specialist in Texas, creates digital portraits, including custom canvas portrait, and offers on location photography in Dallas and Houston.

B2B Photography: corporate photography, corporate photos Dallas, TX, and Houston Texas! I do head shots, same day publicity photos, annual reports photography, events photography, and trade show photos - all for marketing and corporate communications.

Even better ...we do it all green, with digital photography!

Paul Chaplo

Dallas Executive Portrait Photographer

We now use our green photography approach to create executive portraits in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX and all of Texas. We bring the studio to your site and create portraits on-location. This saves travel for your individual executives, saving, time, gas, and resources.


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Monday, April 21, 2008

Paperless Estimates

Lets start at the very beginning! When doing photography assignment estimates, use a paperless work flow. This is very easily accomplished by using Adobe Acrobat and email quotes for assignments. Most accounting software now has the ability to email an estimate to client. This avoids the waste of printing and faxing.

Wishing You Great Light!

Paul Chaplo, M.F.A.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

An Overview of a Green Approach to Commercial Photography

The production process for photography (doesn't that sound industrial?) comprises: pre-production (planning, scouting, and logistics), production (the actual photography), and post-production (proofs, decision-making/editing, file set-up, and retouching.

How can we make each part of the process "greener"?
1. pre-production (planning, scouting, and logistics)
2. production (the actual photography)
3. post-production (proofs, decision-making/editing, file set-up, and retouching

Also, what other aspects of the equipment, approach, and business practice can be make more environmentally-friendly? What about: making prints? delivery? record-keeping?

Stand-by for more!

Wishing You Great Light!

Paul Chaplo, M.F.A.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Going Green at Chaplo Corporate Photography

Paul Chaplo, Photographer is going green in our aerial, corporate, architectural, executive portrait, and industrial photography!

We are minimizing environmental impact by implementing key strategies in how we do business in the Dallas area and around the world. Stand by for more details and updates on how our environmentally-friendly approach is progressing.

Wishing You Great Light!

Welcome to Paul Chaplo, Photographer on!

Welcome to the Paul Chaplo, Photographer blog! I am a corporate photographer who works coast to coast and overseas (including the middle east). I am based near Dallas, Texas TX. I do corporate annual report photography, architectural photography, industrial photography, executive portraits, environmental portraits on-location, aerial photography ...and I am going green - more on that later!

Wishing You Great Light!

Paul Chaplo, M.F.A.