Thursday, March 12, 2015

"Marfa Flights" book session at Texas State Historical Association in Corpus Christ!

The "Marfa Flights" Team at TSHA 2015
(left to right) Lawrence "Larry" Francell, T. Lindsay Baker, and Paul Chaplo

(Corpus Christi) Surrounded by a true "Dream Team" for my first appearance at the Texas State Historical Association annual meeting in Corpus Christi. (In group pic, left to right) Lawrence "Larry" Francell, T. Lindsay Baker, and me just after we completed our session "Marfa Flights" based on my book from Texas A&M University Press. Dr. Baker presided over the session as both Chair and Commentator, while Larry presented his paper titled "Writing in the Air from on the Ground" which addressed the changing land in the Big Bend country of Texas, photography as art and document, and aviation in Big Bend. I presented my heavily illustrated paper "Photographing Big Bend from a Cessna," with stories and history from the book along with anecdotes from "the making of" the photographs in the book. Thanks to Dr. Baker and Mr. Francell for making the session a great success!

The well-attended "Marfa Flights" session at TSHA 2015 

Well-attended "Marfa Flights" session at TSHA 2015. Here I am giving a talk with lots of pictures, of course! Nice to see Ron Tyler in the audience as I appreciate his writing during his work as former director of the Amon Carter Museum.

 Paul Chaplo, author of "Marfa Flights" presenting at the
Texas State Historical Association 2015

Paul Chaplo at the podium presenting his paper "Photographing Big Bend from a Cessna," which was accompanied by numerous color photographs in a PowerPoint presentation. The paper and session are based on the book Marfa Flights: Aerial Views of Big Bend Country from Texas A&M University Press. Find the book on Amazon, or better yet, support TAMU Press by purchasing the book directly from Texas A&M University Press here:,7882.aspx

The Marfa Flights traveling exhibition is now available for qualified museums. A prospectus is available.


Paul Chaplo holds a Master of Fine Arts in Photography degree from the renowned Rochester Institute of Technology. His book "Marfa Flights" is packed full of Texas-sized aerial photographs of the Big Bend country taken during perilous flights over the backcountry of this remarkable part of the Texas borderlands. Chaplo is a commercial architectural and aerial photographer based near Dallas. He also does archival HABS - HAER - HALS type large format archival film photography.

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